Hello from Uplift Co-Founder's Liz Hecht and Nancy Stevens.

We are passionate about helping you have and enjoy healthy,glowing skin while supporting you to live your best life! We are nature lovers and believe the power found in nature is so healing and calming. We believe everyone has the ability to enjoy both inner and outer harmony. Body,mind and spirit!


Uplift Clean Beauty was founded to fill a void in the cosmeceutical industry.

We wanted facial products that were not only medically backed with actives but also chemical free in a natural preservation system. We couldn't find this on the market.

We found lines formulated using essential oils that were "clean", and lines with medically backed clinical actives that were not clean.

We wanted it all! Because it didn't seem to exist, we created Uplift Clean Beauty.

We formualted our skincare brand using minimal, scientifically proven targeted ingredients derived from nature without unnecessary fillers or potential irritants. We developed a simple system that delivers visibile beautiful results. A healthy glowing skin barrier without any compromise to your health.

High Performance/ Clear Conscience. We stand by it.