What Clean Means to Us

Clean and natural are words that are thrown around casually within the skincare industry. What do they mean? Not much actually. They are often deceptive leading the consumer to believe their beloved products are completely benevolent and non toxic. But are they? Most major retailers are now including a clean beauty section. Upon inspection these products are loaded with chemical preservatives and synthetics. It seems the trend is to throw some plant extracts in the formula and call it natural. That's never been ok with us. 

What do we mean by clean? Our products are preserved using natural, organic preservation systems insuring that you get only the best ingredients. Our ingredients are  ethically sourced from companies with the highest standards and integrity. We pay more to omit chemical preservatives and toxins because we don't like them and don't want you using them. We believe in honesty and transparency, and that sometimes less really is more.