Liz's Story

We all want to look like the women in pictures, dreamy soft focus, age less and glowing with golden goodness. Social media has conditioned us to chase a certain unattainable beauty, which even those women in the ads desire. I was that person. With my oily, sensitive skin it was enough of a challenge, but to make it worse, I worked in the skincare industry! I was surrounded by products of promises offering ageless beauty with the same prototype of young, glowing skin. How could a person feel confident when placed before what was really just smoke and mirrors seducing us into believing that we could purchase a better us. I was on that carousel for years chasing every dangling carrot before me. Since I had access to the finest luxury skincare brands I tried everything. Some worked for a while, some didn’t, but no matter the results I still wasn’t achieving that tantalizing, yet elusive dream.

And then it hit me. The idea of beauty as individual and not as a concept. So I gave myself a challenge to accept the individual beauty that is given us all and make it the best it could be. My goal was  to restore my skin to its optimal health with targeted ingredients in a system that enabled me to be consistent.

I created Uplift with the intention of utilizing ingredients designed to target specific concerns and restore the luster of good health. I chose ingredients using both clinical actives and age old plant remedies to ensure the best of both worlds.I decided I wanted the line to be simple and elegant, omitting  chemicals and  toxins by using an organic preservation system.

These products have worked to give me not only my best skin but to feel confident in the skin I’M in. Give them a try and watch them work for you too. Love and care for the ONLY person that gets to be YOU. Together let”s begin a journey toward YOUR rebirth! You never know how far it may take you.



Nancy’s Story

As Uplift co-founder, my self-care/skincare journey began on a yoga mat in the early 2000s as a stressed-out mom of four busy boys!

My version of self-care during this season was external and surface oriented. A glass of wine to unwind, covertly eating sugary sweets as a reward for getting everything done for everyone at the homefront while staying up late to have downtime watching late-night tv shows. What remained a constant amidst the chaos of doing life was found in exercising. It was here I was at home and nourished.

Exhausted but intuitively knowing that something was out of balance, I permitted myself to take time out for myself by signing up for a fitness class at my local gym that fit into my daily packed schedule. The class was yoga and one I was completely unfamiliar with.

During the cool down/ close of the class called Savasana, I was instructed to lie on my back and close my eyes. That was all. Something I hadn't done in such a long time! The intent? Do nothing, be still in a state of active rest.

It was here while lying on my back that I felt tears roll down my cheeks - that who I was and my needs as a person, woman, wife, mom, daughter, sister, and friend mattered. The realization that who I was and what I needed gently called me back into myself with love. From here I knew caring for myself was essential, not optional. I learned to like and love myself. This is a journey that I know especially as women we are all on! 

This moment was the start of everything going forward as a woman and business owner. My self-care journey became my career. Today I have credentials as a 200 RYT yoga teacher, pilates teacher, and professional wellness coach. I'm co- author of three Amazon best-seller books and host an online show “Vibrant WellBeing” on Learn It Live platform.


Enter Liz in my world!

In 2019 my meeting with Liz, the founder of Uplift … changed everything. We met in a mind-body fitness class I taught instantly connecting on a soul level! We discovered synergy in how we chose to live our lives from the inside out with love and kindness as the real energy driving our facial products business.

Liz shared her skincare secrets with me teaching me how to correctly use and apply each product consistently for truly healthy glowing skin, both agreeing it mattered to us that all of our products are both chemical free and naturally preserved. Loving myself meant taking care of and loving my face and how I showed up. 

Our energy made the decision for us to partner and become Co-founders together!

My takeaway. Loving yourself and intentionally caring for yourself shows up on your face- with a beautiful glow! Practicing a consistent skincare routine supports your self-care journey that seeds whole-person care. Body-mind-spirit.