We all want to look like the women in pictures, dreamy soft focus, age less and glowing with golden goodness. Social media has conditioned us to chase a certain unattainable beauty, which even those women in the ads desire. I was that person. With my oily, sensitive skin it was enough of a challenge, but to make it worse, I worked in the skincare industry! I was surrounded by products of promises offering ageless beauty with the same prototype of young, glowing skin. How could a person feel confident when placed before what was really just smoke and mirrors seducing us into believing that we could purchase a better us. I was on that carousel for years chasing every dangling carrot before me. Since I had access to the finest luxury skincare brands I tried everything. Some worked for a while, some didn’t, but no matter the results I still wasn’t achieving that tantalizing, yet elusive dream.

And then it hit me. The idea of beauty as individual and not as a concept. So I gave myself a challenge to accept the individual beauty that is given us all and make it the best it could be. I started simply with the goal of wanting to restore my skin to its optimal health. I started small and worked up so it was simple and easy to be consistent.

I created Uplift with the intention of utilizing ingredients designed to target specific concerns and restore the luster of good health. I chose ingredients using both clinical actives and age old plant remedies to ensure the best of both worlds.I decided I wanted the line to be simple and elegant and it was also important to keep it as healthy as possible. While volunteering for women with cancer at Gilda's Club I heard a leading oncologist speak on the importance of being mindful of what we put in and on our bodies. That was my big aha moment. I decided to omit all chemicals, toxins and fillers from the products and preserve them using an organic system.

These products have worked to give me not only my best skin but to feel confident in the skin I’M in. Give them a try and watch them work for you too. Love and care for the ONLY person that gets to be YOU. Together let”s begin a journey toward YOUR rebirth! You never know how far it may take you.