Why Uplift?


Hi, I'm Liz Hecht the founder of Uplift Clean Beauty. I'd like to share my story in what lead me to create the brand. I have had problem skin my whole life. Oily, acne prone (still to this day!) highly sensitive and reactive to so much. Having worked in some of the finest stores and boutiques in the country I've had access to some of the best lines available, both luxury and medical brand. But I could never get my skin on track. The acne medications made me dry and flaky and so much else made me irritated and break out. One day while volunteering at Gilda's Club for women with cancer I sat in on a Vanderbilt Hospital panel discussion on the importance of being mindful of the products that sit on the skin and their harmful often toxic ingredients that penetrate and can be harmful to our health.This is very important for us all but especially for a compromised immune system. I was blown away and at that moment I decided to switch to lines that were not loaded with harmful chemicals. In my research I came up with a lot of natural products but  basically all were comprised of essential oils and a lot of irritating ingredients. What I was looking for was a natural line that included ingredients backed by science and medicine without a lot of fillers and chemicals. I went down a rabbit hole of research and what I learned was that it didn't seem to exist, so if I wanted it I would have to create it. So I did. Years of extensive research lead me to come up with this line that features the finest innovative ingredients, backed by science and preserved in nature. After using these products for a while family and friends started commenting on my skin and how it never looked better. It was calm and clear. It was healthy, balanced and glowing!  I knew then that I was onto something and started sharing the line with friends and they started sharing it and that became the birth of the business. A few years later I met Nancy Stevens who shared my passion and vision. We both wanted a business that had integrity. That delivered what it promised. And that could eventually serve to educate a community and give back to our passion projects. Our goal in Uplift is to inspire. We want you to be happy in your skin and be the best YOU, whatever that looks like. We have a simple set of products that really work to reverse signs of aging, sun damage and texture and to restore your skin to it's optimal health. And your health will never be compromised  while using our organically preserved, natural products.It worked for us and it will work for you. Our motto is high performance/clear conscience. And we stand by it.